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The Higher Population Council organizes a workshop on the use of statistical indicators in the media
The Higher Population Council organizes a workshop on the use of statistical indicators in the media
Tuesday, 16 May 2023


The Higher Population Council, in cooperation with the Radio and Television Corporation and with the support of the United Nations Population Fund, organized a two-day workshop, Using Statistical Indicators in the Media, for a number of journalists working at the Radio and Television Corporation.

Dr. Issa Al-Masarweh, HPC Secretary-General, affirmed that this workshop comes within HPC continuous endeavour to enrich the knowledge of media professionals in national and international statistical indicators and how to employ these indicators in their work at the radio and television.

On his part, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Bawareed, Director General of the Radio and Television Corporation, highlighted the importance of the role of the HPC in terms of enhancing the skills and proficiencies of media professionals and raising the level of their knowledge in various areas related to population and development issues. Al-Bawareed stated that statistical indicators are especially important noting that these are crucial in all channels and forms of the media. This, in its turn, contributes to the dissemination of media materials supported by digital indicators, which contribute to raising the awareness of community members about priority demographic issues and gaining the support of decision-makers.

During the workshop, Al-Masarweh gave presentations on: local data sources on statistical indicators, the purposes and forms of statistical indicators and composite statistical indicators produced by international bodies that have lately increased in number.

Another presentation was given by Ms Rania Al-Abbadi, HPC Assistant Secretary-General, on the 16 composite statistical indicators in the economic modernization vision (2023-2033), as well as a definition of the indicators of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The workshop included a discussion and questions during which lecturers addressed inquiries of the participating media professionals, who acknowledged the importance of the knowledge they have received which, as they stated, will contribute to improving the quality of media content and outputs in support of population and development issues.