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Studies and Policies Unit
Studies and Policies Unit
The Studies and Policies Unit prepares the proposals, mechanisms and procedures related to population policies and facing population challenges. It, also, prepares policies on population and development issues, technical training and education programs and building capacities of workers in population/demographic areas and information system.
The Unit seeks to enhance cooperation and coordination with regional and international organizations concerned with population issues, in addition to coordination with the various parties to provide those concerned with demographic information and indicators.
The Unit provides demographic information through conducting demographic surveys, studies and research. Additionally, it works on advocacy on various levels for the purposes of supporting the HPC's action programs generally, and the Council's technical outputs such as policy recommendations; the results of periodic monitoring and evaluation reports on the national plans in particular, in addition to monitoring and ensuring the quality of the outputs and operations.
The Unit also works on ensuring providing policy and decision makers with accurate and scientifically thought of information and data through committees under its jurisdiction where the Unit handles coordination and technical tasks related to the function of the "Steering Committee" of the "Research Management Project". This is done through collecting and analyzing   studies and research related population and reproductive health issues as well as ranking them according to national priorities on the levels of: policy makers, decision makers and service providers.
Furthermore, through the National Committee for Demographic Projections and the Technical Team, the Unit steers the planning process to implement the demographic projections in a manner that meets the needs of the different institutions to come out with accurate, credible and nationally endorsed demographic projections that can be planned upon and be used for further development.