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Programs and Management Unit
Programs and Management Unit
The Programs and Projects Unit coordinates population activities and steering the efforts spent in efficiently and effectively implementing policies. Additionally, the Unit works on building and enhancing the participation of governmental, non-governmental and private entities in the planning and implementation of population programs and projects.
The Unit also prepares and follows up the elaboration and follow-up of the National Reproductive Health Strategy/Family Planning for the years 2013-2017, and preparing the annual executive plans for the strategy, in addition to monitoring the realization of the Population Opportunity with the concerned partners in the governmental, non-governmental and private entities.
The unit works on enhancing the cooperation and coordination with national, regional and international organizations concerned with population issues, in addition to participating in conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings related to the population issues and development.
The Unit works on improving the environment of policies supporting the population and development issues and advocacy on various levels for the purposes of supporting the HPC's action programs generally, and the Council's technical outputs comprising policy recommendations; the results of periodic monitoring and evaluation reports on the national plans.