Partners in Creating the Future

Strengthening reproductive health programs

Family planning is our way to achieve a demographic
transition and access to the population opportunity period

Population Opportunity

For everyone ... do not exclude anyone

My hand is in the hands of my grandfather and grandmother

For the continuity of generations ... investment ...
welfare beyond the population opportunity

Raise productivity of the economy

Empowerment of women ......... Investment in its sons ........
Raising the productivity of the economy ... ... leads to the investment of the population opportunity

Women's Empowerment

Residential Opportunity Axis
Let us invest in it

Investing in youth and raising productivity

Leads to an opportunity for population

Improving health services

Our way to invest the opportunity

Empowering Jordan

To realize and invest opportunity

Creativity, innovation and initiative
and leadership

Raise the productivity of young people to ensure
Invest population opportunity

Older Partners at

For happiness and well-being beyond
Population Opportunity

Harness the demographic dividend
Investment in youth

Conversion from the demographic burden
for development

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