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Media and Communication Unit
Media and Communication Unit
The Media and Communication Unit recommends the policies relevant to raising the awareness level on population and development issues, and the mechanisms and measures aiming at raising the societal awareness on demographic challenges.
Furthermore, the Unit activates the role of various media to enhance public awareness on population issues through several communication and media interventions, the most notable of which is building and enhancing the capacities of workers in the media field, and providing concerned parties and various media with population/demographic information and indicators.
Additionally, it works on advocacy on various levels for policies and decisions through well studied media and communication programs. The objective is to support the HPC's action programs generally, and the Council's technical outputs comprising policy recommendations; the results of periodic monitoring and evaluation reports on the national plans in particular, in addition to enhancing cooperation and coordination with regional and international bodies concerned with population issues.
The Unit, efficiently and effectively, works on steering the efforts spent in implementing media policies and population communication strategies and participates in conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings related to the population issues.