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Small grants call 2021
Small grants call 2021
Sunday, 7 March 2021


The 2021 small grants round of Share-Net International is now officially open! Take your opportunity and apply for a small grant of up to 10,000 euros!

Small grants call 2021

The focus of the small grants of 2021 is steered towards innovation and piloting new approaches, translating existing knowledge into products and/or promote its use to influence and improve SRHR practice and policy.

The objectives of the grant can be three-fold:

  1. Investigate and test new and innovative approaches in SRHR and identify unheard perspectives (i.e. knowledge gaps in the linkages between SRHR and gender equality, youth and/or links with other SDGs).
  2. Translation of research into products and materials that will be used to facilitate tangible change in policy or practice. This process can build on research done by our members in the field of SRHR.
  3. Documenting actual changes in policy and practice, related to work done through earlier Share-Net International grants or work of Share-Net members, and how these have been implemented.

Webinar and write shop

webinar will be organised for members to learn more about the specific requirements and eligibility criteria of the call. Please register for this webinar here. Questions regarding the small grants call or application form can be submitted in advance here.

write shop will be organised for interested members to strengthen their small grant proposal writing skills. Please register for the write shop before the 12th of March 2021 via this link.