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Strategic Planning Unit
Strategic Planning Unit
  • Follow up on the development, implementation, evaluation and updating of strategic plans and annual operational plans of HPC and submit progress reports on strategic goal KPIs.
  • Help develop KPIs to measure performance and outputs of programs implemented by HPC.
  • Prepare the annual operational plans of HPC in cooperation with all other units and departments of HPC.
  • Monitor and evaluate all the activities of HPC and identify strengths and weaknesses of implementation and report to the secretary general, in accordance with the instructions of the secretary general on the frequency and format of the reports.
  • Help study and analyze projects, strategies and programs implemented by HPC and thoroughly understand their goals and implementation mechanisms in cooperation and coordination with the Studies and Policies Directorate and the Programs Directorate.
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to the secretary general on how to maximize strengths and reduce weaknesses.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process of HPC.
  • Participate in seminars, meetings and conferences related to the work of the unit.