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HPC Tasks
HPC Tasks

The tasks of the Higher Population Council (HPC) As per the Prime Ministry Letter Ref. 2/3/148, dated 28.11.2016, are as follows:

  1. Proposing population policies to the Government, steering efforts spent in the efficient and effective implementation of said policies to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the comprehensive socio-economic development plans, and submitting them to the Cabinet for verification.
  2. Endorsing HPC as a coordination body in the field of population activities, and demographic information, as well as between public, private and voluntary entities and enhancing their participation in planning, management and implementation of population programs and projects in line with the National Population Strategy.
  3. Proposing policies related to raising public awareness on population and development issues and providing advocacy through well-thought out programs s for media, education and communication and dedicating the various media instruments for this endeavor. 
  4. Accepting aid and grants/donations, provided by international and national donor institutions, to population programs and activities with the approval of the Cabinet.
  5. Endorsing the mechanisms and procedures aimed at facing population challenges in line with the objectives of the Population Policy in Jordan and submitting then for the approval of the Cabinet.
  6. Enhancing the cooperation and coordination with regional and international organizations concerned with population issues.
  7. Proposing the training, education and national capacity building programs for workers in the population areas in the different institutions in coordination with the concerned ministries and submitting them to the Cabinet.
  8. Participating in conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings related to the population issues.
  9. Responsible for the provision of demographic information, conducting demographic surveys, studies and research, and their follow up for the purposes of updating the National Population Strategy and planning for the relevant action programs.  
  10. Approving the publications of scientific research papers and printed materials specialized in the field of population according to the applicable laws.