Partners in Creating the Future
Mission, Vision & Values


A Reference for all Population matters and for information related to development to facilitate setting policies, strategies and action plans and monitor and evaluate their execution in addition to lobbying and deploying awareness about them and reinforcing national capabilities in this area in coordination with partners and concerned entities. 


An Influential presence in policy formulation and supporting decisions affect population to reach Jordanian citizen prosperity.



  • Accountability and Transperency: We work transparently with all private and public entities as well as the people & continually dissminate the results of our performed studies and conducted activties committing to our faith that we are responsibile to perform our tasks properly with high quality infornt of all parties.
  • Leadership: We believe that we are pioneers in our field, and this requires initiative. 
  • Participatory: We believe that the success of the council in performing its mandate and achieving the goals related to pouplation and development cannot be reached without active cooperation and mutual support from all partners, service providers, decision makers, beneficieraies and any other party involved in population and development matters. 
  • Quality And Excellence: We work according to standards and specifications of excellence, to ensure quality results, and we seek to improve our performance and results of our work constantly. 
  • Creativity: We beleive that every issue of population and development cases is unique to their requirements and needs to be addressed creatively. Therefore we seek to find innovative solutions for each case.
  • Perseverance: We beleive that in order to reach our aimed goals related to population and development issues, hard working, persistence and following up with various parties is required.